Devin Sylva: Guitarist and Singer

Devin Sylva is a versatile musician based in Maui, Hawaii, who has been playing guitar and singing in various bands for many years. With a career spanning several genres and styles, Devin’s music is known for its eclectic mix of rock, acoustic, psychedelic, and electronic sounds.

Devin has been a part of many successful bands over the years, including Reality Check, Culture Shock, VibeChild, Stealth Hippopotamus, Soulyx, and The Invasive Species. He is currently signed to the VibeChild Music label, where he continues to create and perform music that showcases his talents as both a guitarist and a singer.

Devin’s music is inspired by a wide range of influences, including Tom Waits, Peter Gabriel, Pink Floyd, and Oingo Boingo. This diverse range of influences is reflected in his unique sound and style, which is at once experimental, daring, and always engaging.

While Devin’s live performances are occasional, they are always highly anticipated by his fans, who know that they are in for a musical treat whenever he takes the stage. Whether performing solo or with a band, Devin’s music is always full of energy, passion, and a deep love for the craft.

In short, Devin Sylva is a gifted guitarist and singer whose music is sure to leave a lasting impression on anyone who hears it. With his unique style and sound, he is one of the most exciting musicians to emerge from Hawaii in recent years.